Knute Rockne:  A Portrait of a Notre Dame Legend
by Micheal Steele

This book presents the fruits of the author's interest in and research about the life and times of Knute Rockne. Based on research and writing conducted over the last twenty years, the book includes:  game by game accounts of Rockne's playing and coaching careers, interviews with former players, family and professional photographs-including new material found in Norway, photos of artifacts and memorabilia, team and season records, player personnel, and a full consideration of the relationship of Rockne with George Gipp-one of the most fascinating stories in the annals of American sports. For readers who love sports, college football, and Notre Dame, this book will provide keen insights into the man and the myth, and detail a pictorial history unsurpassed by any other book.

The author: Michael Steele is a professor of English at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1967 and received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Michigan State. His biography of Knute Rockne was published in 1983 and he served as script consultant for a PBS documentary on Rockne.

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