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How would you like to be remembered as playing a role in one of the great victories in Notre Dame football history? 

The rise back to power, respect and the national championship for the Fighting Irish:


The 2000 campaign was an exciting and successful season for the IRISH, but still leaves ND short of greatness and on the cusp of prominence. They need to reach back to their rootsto the glory daysto attain even greater status. How appropriate the Fight Song lyrics provide us the means: Wake Up The Echoes.

Nobody knows IRISH football like their fans, and as such, you can immortalize the great moments in Notre Dame football history. Every Irish fan has a favorite player, team, play, or game that stands out from the rest. This is your chance to play a role and help us “Wake Up The Echoes”.

By rallying the fans we can help to revive the glory daysfrom that seat in Polo Grounds to the Cotton Bowl to the Horseshoe of Ohio State and the Coliseum of Southern Cal. We need to shake off the cobwebs and polish the Dome. WE NEED TO RAISE THE SPIRIT THAT IS NOTRE DAME.

This is the charge of the University’s fans. By documenting in a book the collaborative memories that are vividly etched in our minds and burned into our hearts of Notre Dame, its team and its players, we can illustrate what made the FIGHTING IRISH  great and different from other schools and programs in our sight. The reasons will ring through our stories, as well as, those of our parents, our grandparents, our children, our cousins, our friends, our aunts and our uncles. We can do this by documenting them, and share them with the world.

As Knute once said at the end of  a pep talk before he sent his team onto the field to do battle, “What do you say boys?"

Submit your memories
and memorables in one of the following ways:

1.    Author a short story documenting your most special memories of Notre Dame Football.

You can chose to write a short story on one or more of the topics below:


How I Became a Fan of Notre Dame¾Its probably a family tradition and here’s a great way to remember family members and immortalize them


A Subway Alumni Father’s Dream - ”My Son Plays Football for The University of Notre Dame”
Game Weekend - Relive your most memorable trip to South Bend




2.   If writing isn’t your thing, you can draw an illustration (B&W) of an event in Notre Dame Football history.


3.   Submit photos commemorating Notre Dame football and/or the role it played in your life

By combining these memories, we will publish a book not of born out of research, but rather a love and passion for Notre Dame.



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