GROTTO STORIES: "From the Heart of Notre Dame"
compiled by Mary Pat Dowling.

Synopsis: "Faith is at the very heart of this University's life and mission, and the Grotto is at the very heart of Notre Dame." These words were written by Rev. Daniel Jenky, C.S.C. in his forward to Grotto Stories. For more than 100 years, the Grotto has been a home, a place of refuge, and a source of strength for students, parents and those who love Notre Dame.

Grotto Stories is a remarkable collection of stories, memoirs and anecdotes about how this special place has touched the lives of so many. Among the moving memoirs are the couples who met there and later married; the father, whose prayers for his children, his family and finally for himself were never left unanswered; and the lone visitor who witnessed the beauty of the Grotto covered in snow, while listening to the recitation of the rosary.

This is one of those books to pick up and read when you're discouraged or facing a crisis or dilemma in your life. These stories will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your lips and you will never forget them. Historical information and photographs from the Grotto's history are also included. Many of these are from the research of the originator of the project, Dorothy Corson.

The editor: Mary Pat Dowling is the Alumni Editor for the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

A word from the Editor:

On the last page, I tell how "Grotto Stories: From the Heart of Notre Dame" came about. But nowhere in the book do I explain that my cryptic dedication alludes to how I came about:

In memory of my father who instilled in many a love of Notre Dame and with eternal thanks to my parents, Margaret and Michael Dowling, for following their faith in the face of its fateful challenge.

When my parents' first child was born, my mother had lifethreatening complications, which required emergency surgery. Before completing the operation, the surgeon sought permission from my father to proceed with sterilization of my mother, saying that another pregnancy would risk her life.

In my father's mind there was no decision to be made, and my parents eventually were blessed with four more

The faith of which their story speaks is a common theme in the lives shared with us in Grotto Stories – faith as guidance through all of life's trials and joys.

I am thankful for my parents' faith, and also for the faith of the Grotto Stories authors.

In presenting their stories, I have been truly blessed.

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