NOTRE DAME ODYSSEY: A Journey Through Sports and Spirituality on the Notre Dame Campus
by Herb Juliano

Synopsis: This is a truly fascinating and unique book about Notre Dame. It was written by the late Herb Juliano (see the Herb Juliano Archive page) and is a book written straight from the heart. It contains memoirs, anecdotes and stories about Notre Dame's history that you won't find anywhere else. We've all heard about the Notre Dame legends of Rockne, Gipp and Montana, but how about "Motts" Tonelli, Pat O'Dea, John Henry Shillington, or Louis Sockalexis? Or how about the time that the student body of Notre Dame took on the KKK?

Herb's chapter on The Movies which chronicles the many attempts to make a feature film on the real George Gipp is interesting and very informative.

Unfortunately only 1,000 copies of Notre Dame Odyssey were published and the book is now out of print. As an Irish Legends exclusive, John Shafer, a close friend of Herb's, has given us permission to reprint chapters of the book. Herb Juliano's archive will feature a monthly excerpt from his Notre Dame Odyssey.

The author: Herb was a pioneer developer of Little League Baseball, and involved with the University of Notre Dame athletics (1950-1986). He was a member of the U.S. Olympic committee from 1977-1985. He was founder of SERV (Students Encouraging Religious Vocations) and The St. Peregrine Prayer Society. He is also the author of "A Whole New Ballgame."

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