OUT OF BOUNDS: An Anecdotal History of Notre Dame Football
by Larry Weaver and Michael Bonifer

Synopsis: Out of Bounds is a collection of Notre Dame football anecdotia. Scores and statistics are forgotten in favor of the humor and color of the Notre Dame game. Anecdotes vary in length, most are humorous; others develop human interest stories. Photographs are used extensively throughout to illustrate the stories and the photographs themselves usually have a unique or comic appeal.

Notre Dame football divides itself neatly into chapters, with each covering the reign of a major coach or two less successful ones. To counterpoint the steady rhythm of anecdotes, the authors have slipped a short article between chapters. Each article is something a little different and unexpected, and keeps the reader slightly off-balance with non-anecdotal comedy and sidelights. The section on "Rockne's Briefcase" is really fascinating with photographs of letters, play diagrams and other memorabilia form the coaches briefcase.

Out of Bounds focuses on the human element, the personalities, the humor, the offbeat, the touching. The game of football serves as a background for the people involved and the stories they tell.

Here are great stories that have never been published: A Penn State coach who tried to slip a mickey to the entire Fighting Irish team; a Notre Dame player who credits his football experience with helping him survive World War Two's Bataan Death March; an All-American quarterback who falls to fifth-string; running backs who sprain their ankles in bed; and managers who dislocate their shoulders giving a rubdown. (From Piper Publishing.)

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