RUDY'S RULES: Game Plans For Winning At Life
by Rudy Ruettiger and Mike Celizic

Synopsis: Hey, everybody loved the movie, and now here's the book. Rudy gives us his insights on how hard work and determination have allowed him to reach his goals. The chapter headings are divided up into different rules to live by. Some of these include:

Rule #1: Everyone can be anyone they want to be.
Rule #2: Make anger work for you.
Rule #3: Everyone should dream.
Rule #7: Quit making excuses.
Rule #9: Never quit.
Rule#10: When you achieve one dream, dream another.

Rudy has made a popular feature film about his life, has written (with Mike Celizic) a motivational book, and is now a member of Zig Ziglar's speaking tour. Not too shabby for a "little kid from Illinois, with lousy grades and no great athletic talent."

The authors: Mike Celizic is a former sports columnist for The Record of Bergen County, New Jersey. The winner of numerous writing awards, he was named best sports columnist by the Associated Press in 1991. Mike is a 1970 graduate of Notre Dame and the author of Courage, and with Maury Wills, of On the Run. Mike lives in Warwick, New Jersey with his family and a "dog-like" creature named Petey.

A word from the author:

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