“Simply Devine: Memoirs of a Hall of Fame Coach”
by Dan Devine with Michael Steele

In today’s ultra-competitive world of college football, few coaches ever achieve the glory of leading their teams to the number one ranking in the nation, let alone the National Championship. That’s why the storied career of College Football Hall of Famer Dan Devine was so unique. On five different occasions in four different decades, Devine’s teams were contenders for college football’s top ranking, and in 1977 he achieved the ultimate, leading the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to the national title.

"Simply Devine: Memoirs of a Hall of Fame Coach" is the authorized autobiography of the legendary Dan Devine, written with Michael Steele. In it, Devine tells the story of his coaching days with the University of Missouri, where he compiled 92 wins in 13 seasons, including a triumph over Navy in the 1961 Orange Bowl, and his years at Notre Dame, where his teams compiled a fabulous 53-16-1 record and produced the most famous athlete ever coached by Devine, quarterback Joe Montana. Devine also tells of his days at Arizona State University, which included 27 wins and only 3 losses, and behind-the-scenes stories of his early ‘70s stint as head coach of the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers.

More than just a football book, "Simply Devine" uncovers new information about Dan Devine’s dysfunctional childhood and his involvement with the civil rights movement at a time when America was facing great change on many fronts. Bringing forth the human side of one of college football’s greatest coaches, "Simply Devine" gives readers a portrayal that contrasts the depiction he often received from the media. With legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno contributing the foreword and longtime Devine friend Joe Garagiola writing an insightful prologue, "Simply Devine" is a touching and inspiring story that will be great reading for Missouri, Notre Dame, and college football fans everywhere.

Michael R. Steele has taught at Pacific University in Oregon since 1975 where he is the Distinguished Professor of Humanities and Peace. He also holds a doctorate from Michigan State University, but spent his undergraduate years at Notre Dame, graduating in 1967. He writes about Notre Dame football and the Holocaust. Among Steele’s previous books for Sports Publishing Inc. are two editions of "The Fighting Irish Football Encyclopedia" and "Knute Rockne: A Portrait of a Notre Dame Legend".

A word from the author:

Working with Dan Devine on his autobiography was one of the greatest honors in my life.  I came to know well a man of great human interest, a man with a heart as big as his football record is impressive. In a profession that seems to require men of large egos, Dan stands out for keeping things in perspective.  Surely, there are competitive fires in him...but he had a firm ethical base to all he did...and he did it without any fanfare.  I was deeply impressed by Dan's command of facts from decades ago.  Football fans everywhere will benefit from the personal revelations Dan makes about the decision-making process on the sideline.  Fans will see from the inside how a Hall of Fame coach motivated his players.  They will learn how Dan overcame personal adversity and made his mark during the civil rights era in this country.

   In interviewing Fathers Ted Hesburgh and Edmund P. Joyce as part of the research base for the book...both long-time friends of Dan Devine reiterated their thankfulness that Dan's life story will be published...long overdue in their estimation.  I agree with that.

   Twenty years ago I began working on a book about Knute Rockne. That project put me in touch with luminaries from the past--and made me deeply conscious of being involved in keeping a man's legend alive.  Well, working with Dan--also a legend--was very different, although the pressure I feel to do it well is the same.  But it was great to have Dan right there--deeply involved in all phases of the book, making contacts with other greats of the game to help tell this wonderful story.

    I feel deeply indebted to Dan Devine for agreeing to work with me and for allowing me to share this part of his life.




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