by Paul Castner and John D. McCallum

Synopsis: We Remember Rockne is far more than just a book for sports fans. Knute Rockne was many men; a fascinating mix of vigorous activity and talents. A no-nonsense man with high standards...he made every minute of every hour count.

To share Rockne's spirit and unforgettable personality with his contemporaries and younger generations, Paul Castner traveled the country to capture on tape the recollections of his teammates and of the close associates who knew Rockne best. Many of these remaining "Men of Rockne" were in their 70's and 80's. Since the writing of this book many have died. Due to Rockne's ever-present inspiration and Castner's determination to present the full man, these irreplaceable insights will remain as living testimony to the greatness of Rockne. No other book can ever again delve so deeply into the heart and mind of this man. (Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.)

The authors: Paul Castner, an All-American fullback in 1922 at Notre Dame, is one of the famous "Men Of Rockne." No one was more intimately associated with Knute Rockne both as a player and a businessman. Castner was noted for his kicking and running, and several of his records still stand at Notre Dame. A great all-around athlete, he starred in football, baseball and hockey in college, and later pitched for the Chicago White Sox. He then became a sales executive with Studebaker and was instrumental in the hiring of Rockne by the company.

John D. McCallum has been a magazine editor and writer, author of biographies on Ty Cobb and Grace Kelly, and the author of the best selling book, College Football, U.S.A.

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