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51 Yards Audio Plaque

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51 Yards Audio Plaque: There were four seconds to play when coach Devine sent in his left-footed field goal kicker, Harry Oliver. Oliver's longest field goal had been 38 yards in a JV game. Now he was asked to kick a fifty-one yarder against a stiff fifteen mile per hour wind.

These Remarkable Moments Audio Plaques are a unique way to relive some of the greatest moments in Notre Dame football history with the touch of a button. One the back of each plaque is a button that activates the audio speech or announcer calling the actual play from the game. We offer three of the plaques: Knute Rockne's locker room pep talk, Harry Oliver's winning 51 yard field goal to beat Michigan in 1980, and the Mirer to Brooks 2 points conversion pass to beat Penn State in the 1992 "Snow Bowl." Each plaque is 8"x10" with a green marble-like stone base, with the title (Knute Rockne, 51 Yards!, or Two Points!) engraved in gold.

Then a remarkable thing happened. Just as Oliver lined up to kick the ball, the wind died down. Oliver calmly stepped into the ball and kicked his way into Notre Dame's Hall of Fame with a fifty one-yard kick over the crossbar--just as the final gun sounded for the end of the game and a Notre Dame victory, 29-27.

8"x10" with gold title "51 Yards!" engraved in the green marble-like stone base. Limited to an edition of 5,000.

AUDIO: A fifty one yard boot. This is the ball game! The kick is up. It isssssssss good! Good! A fifty one yard field goal by Harry Oliver! And Notre Dame has won it! 29 to 27 as time runs out!