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Authentic Joe Montana signed Notre Dame Green Jersey

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This jersey is a replica of the Notre Dame green jersey first introduced at the 1977 "Green Jersey" game against Southern Cal. The Irish did their pre-game warmup drills in the traditional navy blue jersey's , but when they came back to the lockerroom for the pre-game talk, each player found a green jersey hanging in his locker.

Bob Golic, All-American linebacker in 1977-78, said the guys just went crazy when they saw the new jerseys. It was quite a scene, he said when huge linemen where pushing to look at themselves in the small lockerroom mirrors. The fans loved it, and the Trojans never recovered from the shock of seeing a horde of green-shirted Irishmen charge onto the field. The Domers routed the Trojans that day in a huge upset, 49-19.

Joe, who will this year be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, has signed boldly with a black sharpie. The jersey comes guaranteed with a holgram and a Certificate of Authenticity. Very limited quantities.