Tony Rice against USC by Don Stacy (11x14)

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Full size 11x14 Don Stacy photo of Tony's famous signature touchdown run against USC in '88. Signed by Tony: Tony Rice #9  1988 National Champions

Tony Rice is a Notre Dame favorite. Not only because he lad his team to a National Championship in 1988, but also because he is a gentleman, great familiy man, and real Notre Dame Man.

Here's an analysis of Tony's career from the Fighting Irish Football Encyclopedia:
"Tony was a great option quarterback for Lou Holtz. He had tremendous judgement about run/pitch  options, and could throw well enough that it was hard to defend the whole package. At his best when he could break outside around a seal block, with a trailing back, and have two players isolate on one defender. Had good speed, tremendous leg drive, and deceptive power. Led the team to a 28-3 record as a starter, including the longest winning streak in Irish history -- 23 games.