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Reggie Brooks

Superior Rookie autographed card


Lake Dawson

Lake Dawson signed Superior Rookie card


Jim Flanigan

Jim Flanigan signed Superior Rookie card


Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor signed Superior Rookie card


Tim Ruddy

Tim Ruddy autographed Superior Rookie card


Jeff Burris

Jeff Burris autographed Superior Rookie card


Oliver Gibson

Oliver Gibson autographed Superior Pix card


Ray Zellars

Ray Zellars autographed Superior Pix card


Pete Bercich

Pete Bercich autographed Superior Rookie card


John Covington

John Covington autographed Superior Rookie card


Rick Mirer

Rick Mirer autographed card


Bryant Young

Bryant Young autographed Superior Rookie card (one of 4,000)


Bobby Taylor

Bobby Taylor autographed Superior Pix card


1991 Classic Draft Pix (NOT SIGNED)

Mint Rookie cards for Rocket Ismail, Todd Lyght, Ricky Watters and Chris Zorich.


1988 National Championship set of 60 cards.

1988 National Championship set of 60 cards.


Uncut mint card sheets

Uncut mint card sheets of the 1990 Collegiate Collection 200 card set.


Jerome Bettis 6 card Set (Promo card is autographed)

These sets were produced in '93 by SLAM and were a limited edition run of only 5,000 sets.


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