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The Fighting Irish on the Air: The History of Notre Dame Football  Broadcasting by Paul Gullifor

The Fighting Irish on the Air: 
The History of Notre Dame Football  Broadcasting by Paul Gullifor

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Volume 4  No.3                                                              November 2001

"At the moment when I touched the ball, life for me was complete." Years later, Knute Rockne reminisced about catching his first touchdown pass against Army in 1913. This November is the eighty-eighth anniversary of Notre Dame's great victory over the Cadets at West Point and the subject of this month's newsletter.

Notre Dame's victory over Michigan in 1909 was the school's first win over a major opponent, but the win against Army was significant because the cadets were one of the Eastern powerhouses and the game was covered by the New York newspapers. Although the forward pass was used before (mostly by Midwestern teams) it was Coach Harper's method of using the pass to spread out the Army defense, thereby opening up the running game for the Irish. Also innovative was the technique used in the passing attack of having the ends catch the passes in full stride with loose hands and relaxed fingers, rather than as stationary targets.

The feature article on the 1913 Notre Dame - Army game will be an excerpt from Wake Up The Echoes by Ken Rappoport.

This month's edition of Out of Bounds will feature stories of the game.

Shenanigans will feature humor about Notre Dame's trip to West Point in 1913.

Campus Life honors Col. Thomas Nelson Moe USAF (Ret.)'75MA, the recepient of the Rev. William Corby, CSC, Award.

Semper Victurus - This edition will feature excerpts taken from the archives of Notre Dame's campus magazine, The Scholastic, on the clash with the cadets.

Herb's Archive will feature the New York Times article on the game, found in Herb's files.


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Irish Legends also welcomes Notre Dame campus welcome artist Paula Bixby. 
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The Cadets grind out yardage close to the Notre Dame goal in the epic 1913 clash.

The Cadets grind out yardage close to the Notre Dame goal in the epic 1913 clash.

Joe Montana
15" Bronze Statue

JOE MONTANA  15 Inch Bronze football statue. Statue is a numbered, limited edition. The jersey number is 16, but the throwing motion and helmet are pure Irish gold. 



Irish Reveries Newsletter

picture of author Reflections From the Dome
25 2001
Reflections will feature excerpts from books with stories and memoirs about the history of Notre Dame.
picture of author Out of Bounds
November 25 2001
Features feature monthly excerpts from Out of Bounds, the anecdotal history of Notre Dame football.
picture of author Shenanigans
November 25 2001
Features humorous stories from the gridiron and campus. 
picture of author

Campus Life
November 25 2001

Campus Life will feature inspirational stories from the past and present about the spirit of the Notre Dame community. 


Herb's Archive
November 25 2001
Herb Juliano was the curator of the International Sports and Games Collection at Notre Dame, researcher for the Notre Dame Sports Information Department, and author of a wonderful memoir, Notre Dame Odyssey. The following stories are excerpted from his book and archives.
Memorabilia Collectibles
November 25 2001
Featured here are items from my memorabilia collection. They range from items for the serious collector like Heisman Trophy balls and Knute Rockne Commemorative lithographs to fun pieces like '79 Cotton Bowl mugs and autographed cards and photo's.
picture of author Semper Victurus
November 25 2001
Semper Victurus will feature excerpts taken from the archives of Notre Dame's long time campus magazine, The Scholastic. 



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