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In Herb's Archive we'll discuss the history of the school colors. (Hint: they're not Blue and Gold!)

A scramble for the loose ball in the 1915 clash in Linclon.

A scramble for the loose ball in the 1915 clash in Linclon.


The following two excerpts were found in Herb's file on the 1920 Notre Dame - Nebraska game. They're from the 1920 Scholastic.


This afternoon Notre Dame's football team faces the crucial test of the 1920 schedule. A victory on Nebraska Field at Lincoln will do much to insure the Gold and Blue followers of another western championship eleven and national recognition. A victory today will break the five year record tie between Notre Dame and Nebraska. Each team has won two matches and one was a scoreless tie.

A defeat today will not mean failure for the " Rockmen " ; it will mean harder fighting and more work. Notre Dame defeated today is the dream of the "Cornhuskers." Coach Schulte has been willing to risk all that his men may be fit to "trim the Irish." He allowed his team to dare a meagre 7 to 0 victory over Colorado to save his stars for today's effort. Notre Dame's gymnasium should echo today with reports of the hardest game played in the West in years.

Coach Rockne and twenty-two of his best men are in Lincoln today. Never has a Gold and Blue squad been so well drilled and trained so early in the season, and never has one been more eager to win. The team spirit is flawless; they will fight to win to the last whistle. Nebraska won in 1915 twenty to nineteen, and in 1917 seven to nothing. We have "brought home the bacon " in 1916, twenty to nothing and in 1919 fourteen to nine. In 1918 a scoreless tie marked the game. "Rock" and "Willie': will win today too.


Coach Schulte of Nebraska announced to the football world that he would "gladly suffer defeat from Washburn and the Colorado Aggies," if he could feel sure"that those defeats would in any way aid him to victory over Notre Dame this year. The same clipping annouced that Nebraska had" thirteen letter men on the first squad this year and that the line would average over 200 pounds from tackle to tackle. The team average wil! be around 198, with the greatest veteran backfield the "Cornhuskers" have had in a decade. Their sole ambition is to beat the "Rockmen" on the 16th. Let 'em try it.


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