Rose Bowl hero.

Rose Bowl hero.


Jim Crowley later recalled an incident before the 1925 Rose Bowl when Knute Rockne almost sent him and teammate Ed Huntsinger back to Indiana after catching them buying postcards just after curfew. When Huntsinger recovered a crucial fumble and ran it back for a touchdown early in the game, Crowley ran up to his buddy and said, "Isn't a good thing Rock didn't make us go home?"

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The Irishmen got a big break when Stanford's Bill Solomon fumbled a punt that Notre Dame's Ed Huntsinger alertly fielded and ran in for a touchdown.

"What a jerk I am," moaned the anguished Solomon, beating his fists into the ground. "What an idiot! I have got to be the worst. .."

"Solomon," said Crowley, "you can shut up. Nobody's arguing with you."

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Stanford adherents still claim that the turning point of the game came when Cardinal Fullback Ernie Nevers was stopped short of the goal line after a desperate fourth down plunge. According to this tired alibi, Nevers undoubtedly scored the touchdown, but the @#**t referee incorrectly spotted the ball eight inches away from paydirt.

"I had great seats," a man in a bar fumed some years later. "I seen the whole thing. We got cheated. Nevers was in the end zone."

"He was not," came a voice from the other end of the bar .

"Oh yeah? Where were you sitting?"

"I'm Harry Stuhldreher ," said the voice. "I was sitting on Nevers' head."

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